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TV SoundShower™ ListeningLamp™ - Testimonials

The TV SoundShower is a great device. I can hear and understand TV so much better. It also pleases my family; no loud volume needed. I would not want to be without one.
- Jim Marchant

Since purchasing my TV SoundShower ListeningLamp two years ago, there has been peace and harmony between my wife and me when watching TV. Not only can we both listen to the programs at our individual preferred volume, but we can actually hold a conversation without shouting over the volume of the TV. Thank you for designing such a fine product.
- Wally Hoch

Years of dental drill and shotgun noise exposure really took its toll on my hearing. The ListeningLamp really helps with speech understanding. It’s nice too when the grandkids sit under it and we can turn the TV way down.
- James Trucano DDS

I have used the TV SoundShower ListeningLamp for several years. It lets me enjoy television without have to sit close to the set. It is particularly useful for news broadcasts where the close captions are either missing or incomplete. I certainly enjoy the SoundShower.
- Tom VanWell

The TV SoundShower, a welcome gift, gives us our own level of listening comfort. We would be really lost without it.
-Bill and Leah Hole

The best thing I’ve done in years was to purchase the TV SoundShower ListeningLamp. Using it while listening to the TV, I can hear more individual words than ever before with just my hearing aids. The wife likes it too.
- Perry Russ

What a wonderful treat the TV SoundShower ListeningLamp has been over the last several months I have had mine. I don’t have to be continually turning the volume up and down and drive my wife out of the room when the TV got too loud. I can understand what people are saying on TV again. What a blessing.
- Bill Dewitt

I purchased your TV SoundShower ListeningLamp in December 2000. I am writing this letter to inform you that it is everything you said it was for impaired hearing loss. I would highly recommend it to any person. My wife and I both have to wear hearing aids. We have this lamp placed between our chairs when we watch television. We are now able to hear television much more comfortably with and without our hearing aids.
- Clayton Patton

This letter may be called a testimonial from the daughter of one of your TV SoundShower ListeningLamp customers. After we got all the parts together it has been like a dream to be able to watch and enjoy TV again at a volume that we can all hear and understand. You had it sent to us, we set it up, got some advice from you over the phone and it works great. If I can put it together with a little guidance from you over the phone anyone can do it.
- LaWenda J. Wolf

Letters from Customers

Dear Mr. Ullrich:
You can consider this letter an unsolicited testimonial.

I purchase the TV SoundShower ListeningLamp about three months ago and it is all that your advertising claimed it to be.

I have been hearing impaired nearly 25 years and as anyone knows who has a hearing loss, once you lose your hearing, it will never return 100 percent.

Listening to TV with a hearing aid is many times very frustrating.

The TV SoundShower ListeningLamp allows me to hear comfortable what is going on without ralph lauren australia blasting others out of the room. I have also been able to hear the TV comfortably without wearing my hearing aid. This is something I have not been able to do for many years.

It is a good product!

-Reg Morgan

Dear Dr. Ullrich,

I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to try out your TV SoundShower ListeningLamp. It is certainly a very innovative and unique device. Working mainly with frail elderly residents of intermediate care facilities I have tried many TV assistive listening devices and have had very little success.This is often due to a variety of other factors ssociated with aging such as :-

Decreased Vision : I have found that most TV ALD's have very small controls that are very difficult for the vision impaired person to see and therefore manipulate. The TV SoundShower ListeningLamp has large user friendly controls that are easy to adjust, but also the controls can be set to suit the user and then left at these settings with no further adjustments needed, allowing the user to listen to TV or music easily without having to worry about complicated set-ups etc.

Confused / memory impaired Resident's : Our trials with conventional ALD's often fail because the resident is unable to remember the various steps involved in using the device, e.g. switch on, charge dead battery or replace headset on charger when finished using, and the device is very quickly abandoned when the resident cannot understand why they cannot hear any better. With the TV SoundShower ListeningLamp, once it has been set up, there is absolutely nothing for the user to do except enjoy their listening experience.

Poor manual Dexterity : An elderly person with arthritis or Parkinson's disease etc often finds it very difficult to even place a set of headphones over their ears and often finds changing or recharging battery packs very difficult and frustrating, The TV SoundShower ListeningLamp overcomes this concern by powering the whole device through mains supply

Overall I have found the TV SoundShower ListeningLamp to be a very practical, user friendly and effective device to use, especially with the frail elderly population. Thank you again for the opportunity to try out this device,

-Gillian Stewart

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